SHE has arrived!

The newest member of the family has just arrived! OHRA is pleased to introduce Joanna Surya who was born last night at 11:17pm. She is 3218 grams, or just over 7 lbs and both she and mom are doing very well. Amidst a stormy evening with blackouts everywhere in the city, one of our OHRA … Read more

Family fun – on wheels!

      Sunny days mean biking weather! Earlier this spring, Bike Again very generously donated two bikes to Shana and Yara and the girls have been loving them!  So much so, that they really wanted their dad to join in the fun. Shahin was more than willing – even though he hadn’t ridden in … Read more

Yard sale fundraiser

It’s spring! It’s yard sale season! It’s a yard sale fundraiser! Join us on Saturday, June 18th from 9am to 1pm at 6134 Duncan Street in Halifax for lots of great deals, plus a BBQ and yummy baked goodies. Please tell your friends, neighbours and confidants – the more the merrier! We’re also looking for … Read more

The first two weeks

Time sure flies. It’s already been two weeks since we welcomed Shahin, Yasmin, Shana and Yara to Halifax. And what a two weeks it’s been! Full of appointments of all types, learning to navigate the city on the bus, discovering Canadian groceries and figuring out our wacky money (yes, we really do call our $1 … Read more

Moving day!

OHRA members and volunteers were hard at work yesterday setting up the family’s apartment in time for their arrival this Thursday. It was certainly a case of many hands make light(er) work, so thanks so much to everyone who came out to help! Also, a big shout-out to the generous folks at Thompson’s Moving & … Read more

It’s all happening!

We’ve just received the most exciting news: the family we are sponsoring will be arriving in Halifax a week from today! Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible. Your support has been amazing. Pat yourself on the back! Our band of merry volunteers has been hard at work for months getting ready … Read more

Setting up home – updated wish list

We started with quite a list of household items we needed for setting up our family in their new home, but thanks to your support, there are only a few things left to gather! Can you help with anything on this list? If so, please email – thank you! Recent or new compact desktop … Read more

Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially been matched with a family of Syrian-Kurdish refugees! We will soon be welcoming three adults – a mother, a father and the father’s brother – and two young children, girls aged five and four. We know that the family speaks a little English, and are in Turkey right … Read more

We need your stuff! :)

We are actively looking for in-kind donations to help with setting up our refugee family in their new home – kitchen items, cleaning supplies and more! New and gently used items are appreciated. Please check out our latest post for an updated list. Please check out our wish list to see what items we are … Read more