First Canadian Holiday Season

The Ali/Youssef family enjoyed their first holiday season in Canada. Chahin answered a few questions by email. Here are his responses

What did you think of your first holiday season here in Canada?
Because I had free time I remembered how far we are, and how we were spending a very good time together. That thinking made us sad for a period of time, but we always thanked God because we are safe here in Canada.

On the other hand, we were very happy because we saw the happiness on our children’s faces.
Also I was very happy when I saw how everybody tried to show his love and respect to his/her family and friends by giving them a present, gift card or even saying happy holiday.

What surprised you about it?
The lights outside the houses, especially those two houses in Halifax. (The “dueling doctors” on Connaught Ave.) And the love and good feelings between people.

What did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed the supper with Vince and Claire’s family. The meal was very delicious of course, but to spend that special day with family was more important for me and made my heart warm and glad.

Could you share with us some of your own family traditions that are similar to how Canadians celebrate the holiday season?
Yes, we have EID ALATHA and EID ALFITIR. On these days all the family meets in the family home for three or four days. They spend a very good time together and they visit the neighbours, the friends and the relatives.

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